5 Myths about root canal treatment you need to know

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5 myths about root canal treatment you need to know

Root canal treatment is required due to several reasons. The common ones are cracked or damaged teeth, cavities, abscess or poorly performed dental procedures. A root canal is done to repair the root of an inflamed or infected tooth.

Bacteria accumulate around the root of a tooth once the infection begins. If left untreated, it can lead to severe pain and loss of the teeth. In some cases, a root canal is required because swelling develops around the affected tooth. Consult a dentist as soon as possible.

Endodontists are specialised dentists who treat the root canal. During the procedure, the dentist drills a small hole through the tooth to remove the bacteria and fluid. This is the main reason people fears and though you will not feel the drill. The dentist gives anaesthesia to make a hole and then a special tool is inserted to widen the passage.

The infected fluid and decayed dental pulp are removed with the use of a suction tool. Finally, the inside of the tooth is empty that is filled with a substance known as gutta-percha. This strengthens the structure of the empty tooth and ensures bacteria don’t re-enter. After a few days, it is replaced with a permanent solution such as filling or crown.

A root canal treats the cavity and severe toothache altogether. Search for a root canal specialist near me who can help you to get rid of anxiety or fear. So, you can get the root canal treatment calmly.

There are a few common myths about the root canal procedure-

  • It is painful

This is not true. Earlier people used to experience severe pain from a root canal but today it is very little. With the advancement in treatment, the infected tooth is treated to relieve the pain. A root canal alleviates the pain by removing the infected and damaged tissue in the tooth. An endodontist performs the procedure pain-free by giving anaesthesia. In some difficult cases, the pain could be minor but mostly the treatment is painless.

  • It leads to illness

It is believed that endodontic procedures cause illnesses throughout the body. This is not true. There is no link between root canal and cause of other illnesses.

Root canals remove the bacteria from the infected tooth and prevent from recurring. Such steps promote healing and overall health. Therefore, a root canal removes illness and infection instead of causing.

  • It is expensive

This is partly true because every dentist has their rates in Pompano Beach, FL for root canal treatment. Some root canals would be highly-priced and others would be quite cheap. This depends on your choice of specialist and surgery. It would not be true to say that all the root canals are costly.

This procedure is highly-priced in some cases because of fillings. It takes time, complex and requires good dental skills. If there is a tooth extraction or replacement, then root canals are cheaper. Therefore, in either case, the treatment will help you avoid frequent visits to the dentist.

  • It is not successful

It is not true. The longevity of the root canal is long-lasting. No dentist can guarantee that you will not develop any problem in future, need a crown or replacement of filling. Usually, the chances of all such incidents are very low.

If an infection develops again in a root canal, the dentist may treat or repair it. If there is a fracture or severe decay, the tooth needs to be extracted. The gap will not be left because this can cause degeneration of surrounding teeth.

  • Kill the nerve inside the teeth

This is not completely true. The root canal removes the nerves located inside the tooth because they do not have any purpose once the adult teeth have developed. Due to this reason, the root canal is not performed in young people because the nerve leads to the growth of adult teeth.

Once the teeth have developed, the nerve should be removed. It reacts to stimulus and causes pain.

Prepare well for the root canal treatment and do everything that the dentist asks you. Search for the best endodontist near me to get rid of the fears and anxiety.

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