We Offer Periodontal Treatment Near You

The word “periodontal” may sound funny to some people until they understand what the word means. Periodontal has a literal meaning of “around the tooth,” which means that periodontal disease is a condition that affects a patient’s gums.

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Your Gums Play an Integral Role in Your Health

Why should a disease of the gums be of concern? Because your gums support your teeth, and when your gums are no longer able to perform their supportive role, the next step is loss of teeth. But worse, gum disease can also do irreversible damage to a patient’s jawbone – and this means that replacing teeth with dental implants can become a more complicated procedure than typical. At Caring Dental Services Pompano, our number one goal is to preserve your teeth and your mouth’s functionality for as long as possible. This starts with proper oral health care at home, but that care can also extend into our office for professional periodontal treatments in Pompano Beach.

There’s Comfort in Numbers

Although periodontal disease can often be a game-changer for a lot of patients, there’s comfort in knowing that they’re not alone. It’s been reported that periodontal disease is currently affecting almost 65 million patients. With those numbers, you can rest assured that advances are being made in the treatment of the condition at a rapid rate.

Symptoms That You May Have Gum Disease

The only true way to know whether or not your smile might be compromised due to periodontal disease is to have a professional dental exam. However, the following are the three most common symptoms that you may notice at home:

  • Gums that bleed easily during and after brushing your teeth
  • Loose or shifting teeth
  • Swollen or receding gums

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

At Caring Dental Services Pompano, we believe that early treatment is the best treatment. Although your exact treatment plan will depend on the stage of the disease, one of the most common treatments of periodontal disease is a professional, deep cleaning of your teeth and gums – something that can not be duplicated at home since the cleaning is specifically designed to penetrate below the gum line. Other treatments for more advanced conditions of periodontal disease include tissue regeneration and pocket reduction surgery. At Caring Dental Services Pompano, we believe that early treatment is the best treatment.

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The takeaway here is that if you’re brushing and flossing correctly, your gums should never bleed. If you do notice that your gums are bleeding, we encourage you to make an appointment for a dental exam in Pompano Beach with the dental care team at Caring Dental Services Pompano.