How to Reduce the Swelling of Mouth After Root Canal Treatment?

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how to reduce the swelling of mouth after root canal treatment

When you have a tooth infection, a dentist in Pompano Beach may perform a dental fillings procedure. However, when the infection spreads to the pulp cavity, you may require a root canal treatment near you to address it.

What Is A Root Canal?

Endodontic treatment treats a tooth that has developed dental decay or infection. An oral surgeon or a dentist does it, and it involves removing the infected or decaying pulp from the tooth root and then filling the space with a special type of filling material. Root canal treatment benefits include such as avoiding the need for tooth extraction and bone loss.

The Procedure of Root Canal

Root canal treatment removes the infected nerve inside your tooth, which has been damaged by decay.

Our endodontist in Pompano Beach, IL, will remove the infected pulp material and then clean and shape the root canal space to create a void through which a root filling material can be placed. The cavity is then filled with gutta-percha or similar material through the void. The tooth is then restored to its original shape and size.

What Causes Gum Swelling and Pain After a Root Canal?

Many things can cause gum swelling and pain. One of the most common reasons people experience these symptoms is that the main nerves in the gums become inflamed even after the pulp is removed. The gums can become inflamed after a nerve gets damaged during the procedure. Uneven temporary fillings can bruise the gum tissues and causes swelling and soreness.

How Do You Reduce Swelling After a Root Canal?

At your first appointment, our dentist in 33062 will provide a topical anesthetic to numb the area near the procedure. But, you may notice some swelling after a root canal.

  • Don’t eat right away: It takes a couple of hours for the anesthesia to wear out, and it is advisable to avoid eating until the numbness is done. This will help reduce the chances of hurting your soft tissues.
  • Elevate your head: Holding your head up for a few days after your procedure can reduce swelling. Avoid lifting heavy objects or bending your head down to pick up anything that could cause you to accidentally hit your mouth.
  • Use pain medications: Pain medications help with the discomfort after your procedure. You may experience a small amount of bleeding from the site of your root canal after treatment.
  • Use a hot salt water bath to relieve pain: The saltwater can help with the post-operative tenderness and provide some relief from the pain. A dentist near you will give you instructions to soak your mouth and let it run for a few minutes.Avoid acidic foods and beverages, such as orange juice and soda, which can cause the tooth to become more sensitive to cold.
  • Stay healthy: Eating healthy foods can help your recovery after root canal therapy. The more you can eat, the better, as your body needs the proper nutrition to heal properly. You should also keep your mouth clean, as debris can cause your teeth and gums.
  • Ice cream and cold compresses: Ice packs, ice cream, and cold compress are other good ways to help relieve soreness and pain after your root canal procedure. Use the ice packs for about 15 minutes to reduce any swelling and pain in the gums.

Other Things to Do After Root Canal Treatment

Below are some of the ways you can care for your teeth and gums after the endodontic procedure:

  • Avoid eating sticky foods.
  • Avoid alcohol.
  • Follow the aftercare instructions given by Dr. Shana Francois.
  • Do not brush your teeth for at least 24 hours after your dental treatment.
  • Use a mouthwash to prevent plaque buildup.
  • Visit a dental clinic in Pompano Beach regularly for assessment
  • Brush your teeth after every meal.

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