How Tooth-Colored Fillings Improve Your Smile

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how tooth colored fillings improve your smile

There are many natural-looking counterparts as compared to earlier times such as crowns, veneers and tooth-colored fillings. In earlier times, the dentist used to place just silver fillings exclusively. Though it is still used but the most widely used material today in fillings is composite tooth-colored fillings.

The dentist will use a dental composite filling matching with the shade of your natural teeth. Metals or amalgam are not used anymore to fill the tooth. Tooth-colored fillings ensure a natural look and very fewer discolorations in your smile. The composite materials come in various shades to ensure that filling blends with the natural teeth.

The tooth-colored filling materials are natural that ensures they fit seamlessly in your smile. Composite resin is a sturdy material which lasts many years without the need for replacement or maintenance.

Composite fillings are great in many different scenarios:

  • If a cavity is already there, then go for composite fillings which are the best way to get rid of the imperfection. The result would be like as if the cavity was never there.

Composite fillings are placed for reshaping teeth and minimize excessive spacing. If there is a large space between the two front teeth known as diastema, composite fillings give instant results. This is a cost-effective and non-invasive procedure and an alternative to braces.

Composites are also used for removing discoloration and imperfections in enamel. This is caused in mottled enamel which is a symptom of fluorosis.

Composite fillings are easy to place, easy on the eyes, and easily repaired. A filling can be easily masked with the use of good composite material and skill. Everybody desire for this look and today dental perfection is standard.

Dental fillings are used for treating cavities. The dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth and fills with the material of your choice. You just need to brush your teeth twice a day and floss once a day. Visit the dentist for regular examinations and cleanings.

Consult the dentist to ensure that tooth-colored filling is the right treatment for you.