Transform Your Smile With Clear Aligners

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transform your smile with clear aligners

Do you have crooked or crowded teeth? Are you embarrassed of the gaps between your teeth? Are you embarrassed of your smile and shy away from getting clicked? The dentist in Pompano Beach says that there’s no age bar when it comes to getting a great smile. Your smile is the first thing that people notice and it is worth getting it improved.

Adults and teenagers can benefit from the clear aligners as they are almost invisible. This will prevent you from feeling shy, which were a major issue with the traditional metal braces. Let’s have a look at benefits of clear aligners.

The Treatment Is More Discreet Than Braces

There won’t be a metallic wire on display in your mouth. The plastic aligners used in the treatment are almost invisible from a distance. People will hardly get to know that you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment in 33062, unless you decide to tell them.

Your Invisalign Gear Can Be Removed For Short Breaks!

With metal braces, there was no way to get rid of them till the time the treatment got completed which was almost 2-3 years. However, with clear aligners, you can take them off during eating and brushing your teeth. You need to wear them for 22 hours daily for effective results.

You Won’t Have To Change Your Lifestyle

With aligners, you don’t need to accommodate dental visits in your schedule. You can simply switch the aligners with the next ones in the series every two weeks or so. Also, you don’t need any special cleaning regimen and tools. You can brush and floss as usual.

The Process Is Comfortable!

Unlike metal braces, the plastic aligners don’t poke your mouth and gums. They won’t cause pain as they are more like mouth guards and quite comfortable. There won’t be any bleeding or soreness.

It Happens Fast

With Invisalign, the treatment duration reduces dramatically. You can get the results in 12 to 18 months. This is quite fast as compared to the traditional braces which took around 2-3 years for the treatment to complete.