What Are the New Types of Dental Fillers?

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what are the new types of dental fillers

Fixing a decaying tooth is an essential dental restorative procedure. The dentist treating you first must clean the decayed area of the tooth, which leaves a hollow space in it. After that, the dentist will fill the tooth with a filler material chosen beforehand to make it appear natural again. This article will discuss the new types of dental fillers that help tooth restoration.

Types of Dental Fillers

Earlier, silver amalgam was the only material available to restore decayed teeth. However, advances have ensured new types of dental fillers are also available to restore your teeth if you need dental fillings in Pompano Beach, FL.

Silver Amalgam Fillers

Silver amalgam fillings continue to remain popular and combine these other minerals, including tin, zinc, copper, and mercury. Amalgam fillings are popular because they are sturdy and long-lasting and are the most affordable. Silver amalgam fillings remain in your teeth for over a decade. Perhaps the primary drawback of these fillings is their non-aesthetic appearance making them better for your back teeth the molars. However, silver amalgam is also prone to expanding and contracting due to changes in temperature. The fluctuations can create gaps between the filler and the tooth to allow bacteria and food particles in and create further damage. The FDA has confirmed silver amalgam fillings as safe to use despite the presence of mercury in them and the controversy behind it.

Composite Fillers

Plastic and resin help create composite fillers that are placed inside a tooth while it is still soft and hardened with a curing light. It is a popular option among people because it is customizable to match with the color of your teeth. In addition, it does not remain conspicuous like silver amalgam fillings. Unfortunately, composite fillings are not as durable as silver amalgam and last for around five to seven years before needing replacements.

Ceramic Filters

Porcelain material helps create ceramic fillers, making them durable and cosmetically appealing. The cost of ceramic fillers is more than other fillers. However, they are tooth-colored and stain resistant, besides managing abrasion better than composite resin. Unfortunately, ceramic fillers are brittle and are better used on larger cavities to prevent breakage. The family dentist near you can enlarge the area to make space for the extra bulk.

Glass Ionomer Fillers

A mix of glass and acrylic helps make glass ionomer fillers. Children are recipients of these fillers because their teeth are still developing. Glass ionomer fillers release fluoride into the tooth to prevent tooth decay. However, the lifespan of these fillers is short because they aren’t as durable as composite resin and can crack or wear off. Furthermore, the fillers do not have a natural appearance like composite resin.

How do Dental Fillers Help in Oral Problems?

When you develop tooth decay, a visit to the dental office in Pompano Beach becomes essential for dental restoration. The cavity in your tooth represents permanent damage that can only expand without healing itself. The dentist recommends the best filler to restore the tooth to its natural state.

Dental fillers prevent tooth decay from progressing and creating more damage in your tooth if you get them promptly without delaying the treatment. The fear of getting a dental fill may encourage you to put off the treatment for later, thinking the bacteria in your tooth will not create additional damage. Unfortunately, the microorganisms don’t feel similarly and continue working on your tooth until they reach the soft center of your tooth, the dental pulp. If you allow bacteria from untreated cavities to get to the dental pulp, you require the fearsome root canal treatment or tooth extraction and replacements merely because you thought the dental filling procedure was unnecessary. Instead of adopting an attitude that causes irreparable harm to your tooth, wouldn’t you benefit if you had the tooth restored by getting the dental fillings recommended by Dr. Shana François? The mention of a root canal or tooth extraction will undoubtedly make you think again to have your tooth restored immediately instead of delaying the treatment.

The dental filling procedure from Caring Dental Services Pompano can neither take much time nor cause you unnecessary stress or discomfort. However, the treatment ensures your tooth remains protected from further damage and prevents the need for expensive treatments later.