What Is The Difference Between Laser And LED Teeth Whitening?

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what is the difference between laser and led teeth whitening


There are several teeth whitening methods, and the purpose is to make teeth whiter and enhance overall appearance. Most times, lifestyle and oral hygiene have a heavy impact on tooth discoloration.

What Are Teeth Whitening Methods?

The most effective teeth whitening methods use a high-intensity light as an activator. Both laser and LED whitening methods are an example. In this article, we discuss each method in detail and consider their differences.

What are Laser and LED Whitening?

In laser whitening, a dentist in Pompano Beach uses a laser to activate a whitening gel to achieve maximum whitening results. In contrast, LED teeth lightening requires LED light as an activator.

How Does a Laser Whitening Procedure Go?

A teeth whitening treatment dentist will place a rubber or plastic guard over your mouth during a laser whitening procedure to keep it open. Afterward, the dentist will apply a protective layer over the gums to shield them from the bleaching gel and prevent gum irritation. A careful application of the whitening gel follows. After this, the dentist users a pen-like laser to activate the gel.

The laser heats the gel till it foams, thus, removing stains. The dentist then removes the gel with a small vacuum. This procedure is repeated about 3 to 4 times to achieve maximum results. After getting the desired results, the dentist rinses out the gel and removes the protective layer.

How Does A LED Whitening Procedure Go?

Led whitening procedure is usually an at-home whitening. When applying this method, ensure you follow all instructions. During the whitening process, apply the bleaching agent to your teeth. Afterward, activate it with a LED light. The LED light is blue, and it can penetrate the tooth enamel to remove stains.

It is important to note that LED whitening works better for yellow teeth than brown teeth.

Pros and Cons of Laser Whitening

Laser whitening gives the fastest teeth whitening results. Usually, you see noticeable results after the one 1-hour session. Another benefit of laser whitening is that you don’t need any extra at-home whitening treatment. Furthermore, because a dentist carries out the procedure, there is a reduced risk of complications such as gum irritation or burning.

Laser Whitening also has its downsides. It is more expensive than other teeth whitening procedures. You have to visit a dentist before you can get this procedure.

Pros and Cons of LED Whitening

Led whitening allows you to whiten your teeth from the convenience of your home. This method is affordable, free of UV radiation, and less painful than an In-Office whitening procedure.

One of the downsides to this whitening method is that it whitens teeth gradually compared to in-office whitening. Also, it can cause burning and gum irritation when the bleaching gel comes in contact with soft tissues like the gums and tongue. Furthermore, it can increase tooth sensitivity. Prolonged or excessive use of LED whitening can damage teeth.

Why Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

Teeth whitening can brighten the shade of your teeth, thus, improving your smile. Reasons why you should get a teeth whitening procedure include;

  • Removing tooth discoloration
  • Brightening your smile for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, or job interviews
  • Minimizing the effects of aging and smoking
  • Countering the effects of teeth staining foods

Where Can You Whiten Your Teeth?

Family dentists in Pompano Beach offer great teeth whitening services. Our dentist in Pompano Beach, is available to attend to your needs.


Laser and LED whitening are both effective methods of teeth whitening. However, it is best to discuss with a dentist near you to know the most suitable option. Whenever you want to get teeth whitening near you, visit Caring Dental Services Pompano. We have experienced family dentists in Pompano Beach who are available to answer any questions. Kindly book an appointment with our dentists today.