Which is Better Lumineers or Veneers?

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which is better lumineers or veneers

If you are interested to improve your smile and secure your teeth from damage, here are the things that you need to know. Today, lumineers and veneers are trending and one of the most famous cosmetic procedures that can help you fix the current dental imperfections you have. Both can permanently align and brighten your teeth simultaneously. But there are various differences between veneers and Lumineers that you must know.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are prosthetic devices intended to be thin, like ultra-thin contact lenses so that they can be put flawlessly over the teeth to give you a wonderful smile. They don’t need prep work. So, harm to your tooth is limited.

Lumineers Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Lumineers:


  1. Do not need any prep work.
  2. Less intrusive.
  3. Can make a solid bond to the veneer for life span.
  4. No harm to the teeth or the nerve.
  5. Lumineers in Pompano Beach do cost not as much as a veneer.
  6. Only two visits to your dental expert are required.
  7. Lumineers are ultra-thin. So, it will not look awkward.
  8. Lumineers are reversible. If they are bonded permanently and effectively, you can take them off as required.


  1. Lumineers can seem thicker, chunkier, and bulkier.
  2. For tough stains in the mouth, Lumineer should be made thicker to conceal them.
  3. Lumineer cannot be utilized if your teeth are slanted or crowded because preparation and molding are required.

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are thin, uniquely crafted shells developed of composite or dental porcelain material. They are an excellent option for people who need to correct their chipped or distorted teeth.

Veneers can also be utilized to cover holes between teeth, permanent stains, and are smaller than real teeth. There are many benefits of using dental veneers to improve your smile. Veneers are durable, long-lasting, and appear like natural teeth.

Veneers Pros & Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of veneers:


  1. Veneers can give your teeth a more brilliant whiter appearance.
  2. Veneers can give a more regular look due to the variety of shades.
  3. Veneers are impervious to obstinate stains.
  4. Veneer gives the flexibility to the individual to choose from a variety of shades of colors.
  5. Excellent choice for chipped tooth fix.


  1. Veneers can be costly because of the additional prep work.
  2. The teeth and nerves can be harmed.
  3. The process isn’t reversible.

Lumineers vs Veneers

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, there is confusion regarding veneers versus Lumineers. Read below to clear your doubts.


Veneers require more preparation and dental work in contrast to Lumineers. Veneers will need three appointments, while Lumineers can commonly take two dental visits.


  • Veneer: Veneers and Lumineers can be made of dental porcelain and composite. Composite veneers are set directly over the teeth by the dentist in Pompano Beach. Porcelain veneers are monochromatic in shading so that they can coordinate with your natural teeth without any problem.
  • Lumineers: These are ultra-thin, varying from .2mm to .5mm in thickness. They are produced using carinate porcelain and need little or no tooth desensitizing shots. Lumineer is a less intrusive procedure contrasted with veneers.


Though the total cost will vary, Lumineers tend to be more cost-effective than veneers. The expenses of veneers and lumineers can be affected by a few factors, such as size, geography, etc. The dentist near you can explain to you the exact cost of each dental treatment.


There is also a discussion about which procedure is more durable. Both treatments will last from eight to ten years.

Veneers & Lumineers: Which is Right for You?

While they do have benefits, Lumineers are not right for everybody. Because they are thinner, they are not great for covering up teeth with serious stains completely.

It’s best to consult with an experienced cosmetic dentist to decide whether they’re a good decision for your specific needs. To learn more about how we can help improve your smile, contact the dental clinic in Pompano Beach to schedule a dental appointment with us online or call at 954-942-4048