Why Oral Cancer Screening is An Important?

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woman smiling after oral screening

Oral cancer can silently develop in its early stages. Knowing about life-saving treatments is crucial. Whether you or a family member require it, you need assurance to see a dentist in Pompano Beach for care.
We encourage you to contact our local dental practice with questions about oral cancer and the associated screening procedures.

Understanding Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is a severe circumstance that can be life-threatening, affecting various parts of the mouth and throat. The mouth comprises various components, including the tongue, cheeks, gums, and hard and soft palates. Cancer can potentially impact any of these structures.

However, certain persons are significantly more likely to develop oral cancer due to hereditary or lifestyle factors. The following are a few instances of these individuals:

  • Using tobacco goods, including pipes, cigars, cigarettes, etc.
  • Alcohol
  • HPV
  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Diet
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Age and family history
  • Have a previous history of cancer.

The Significance of Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer tends to develop silently and to show no obvious symptoms when it is first discovered, which makes it one of the most important reasons to prioritize screening for the condition. It constitutes one of the primary causes. The earlier the diagnosis, the faster you can start the necessary treatment, and the sooner the treatment is successful.
Because the screening process takes a few minutes, cancer screenings in Pompano Beach often combine with more standard dental checkups and cleanings.

The Oral Cancer Screening Process

Note below are the general steps involved in the screening process. All general dentists are capable of performing this treatment.

  1. Initial Consultation: During this appointment, your dentist will review your medical background and address any dental health issues you might be experiencing. Any worries you have can now be addressed.
  2. Visual Examination: The dental professional will now carefully examine your mouth, paying close attention to the upper and lower areas, as well as your lips, cheeks, and tongue. We’re looking for anomalies, including tumours, lesions, discoloration, or patches.
  3. Hands-on Examination: Using gloved hands, your dentist will feel around your neck and under your jaw. They are searching for any masses or swellings. You shouldn’t be concerned; it’s a necessary step in the thorough screening procedure.
  4. Specialized Equipment: Some dentists use specialized lights or rinses to more thoroughly examine your mouth. These instruments can aid in locating any areas that require more focus.
  5. Biopsy (if required): Your dentist might advise if any worrisome findings are discovered. A small tissue sample will be taken to ascertain any reason for concern.
  6. Results Discussion: Your dentist will sit with you to discuss the results after the examination. They might offer a routine screening schedule if everything is in order.
  7. Prevention Advice: During this procedure, your dentist will likely advise you on reducing your risk of oral cancer. It may mean adopting new behaviours, such as quitting smoking and alcohol and practising proper dental hygiene.

Make sure to voice any questions or concerns you may have before, during, or after receiving an oral cancer screening near you in your region. Your peace of mind is just as important as your oral wellness, and you deserve to be informed about the status of your smile.

Raising Awareness and Education

The most important thing is to increase awareness about mouth cancer screening. Many still need to determine whether these checks are available or the dangers. We can prevent deaths and improve general health by informing the public about the advantages and simplicity of access to these checks.
By actively participating in neighbourhood health programs and spreading awareness among your friends and family, you can support this cause. If they have risk factors like tobacco or alcohol use, encourage them to have routine tests at a dentist in your area.

Prioritizing Health with Caring Dental Services, Pompano

Regular oral cancer tests are essential for maintaining your dental and overall well-being. Visiting Caring Dental Services Pompano Beach is crucial for the early detection of this complex condition, greatly improving the chances of successfully treating it.

To schedule an appointment with one of our dental professionals, please get in touch with our Pompano Beach office anytime by phone, email, or in person. We are eager to collaborate with you to maintain the health and beauty of your smile.