Why You Should Have Regular Dental Exam and Cleaning Procedures

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why you should have regular dental exam and cleaning procedures

Dental checkups will allow your dentist to compare your last dental condition and the present state. Regular dental exams and cleaning procedures should not happen only when you have your natural teeth. Visiting your dentist even after getting artificial teeth will also ensure that you maintain your oral hygiene.

What Happens During an Exam?

If it’s your first time or you need a new dentist, first ask for recommendations. You can even do your research about the dentist to make sure you are comfortable. Know how they charge their services so that you can be prepared including having the proper insurance cover documents.

A dental exam process will involve some of the following steps:

Oral Cancer Exam

Cancer will be not only a health problem but also a financial one if not detected and treated during its early stages. Your dentist will look for oral cancer problems by touching your neck, below your jaws, and inside your lips and cheeks. They will also inspect your mouth’s roof and floor as well as the tongue.

Dental X-rays

X rays are taken so that your dentist can be able to see what he can’t see with his naked eyes. They are not usually taken during every visit. Your dentist will determine when there is a need for one depending on your present oral health condition.

The level of radiation rays used is very low, especially from the improved digital rays. To ease your concerns, talk to your dentist.

A Dental Impression

It is usually done to evaluate your bite, make teeth whitening trays or used in making a mouth guard, the dentist will need to make an impression of one of your jaws or both. They are made by filing a horseshoe-shaped tray with soft gelatin material, which are then placed on one of your jaws. Depending on what the dentist wants to achieve, you may or may not bite on the soft material.

The Cleaning Process

The dental cleaning steps we offer at Caring Dental Services Pompano include:

Plaque and Tartar Removal

Despite flossing and brushing twice a day, tartar and plaque are hard to remove without the help of your dentist. Tartar builds up between the teeth and around the gum line. Using a scaler, the dentist will scrape off the tartar. The time taken will depend on the amount of plaque and tartar found in your teeth. To avoid this, form a habit of regular brushing and flossing. The process should be comfortable for you, but in case you experience any discomfort in for your dentist immediately.

Toothpaste Cleaning

After the plaque and tartar are removed, your dentist will use an electric toothbrush for a deeper removal of tartar left by the scale. The toothpaste used is gritty but smells and tastes like regular kinds of toothpaste. You can choose your preferred flavor. You are advised to do this polishing twice a year. However, avoid excessive brushing of teeth while at home since it wears down your enamel.


At times flossing could be difficult for you due to bleeding gums or a feeling of discomfort. Your dental hygienist will be able to floss your teeth, reaching the deepest parts you could not access. The flossing could also help in getting rid of excess toothpaste remains and tartar between your teeth.


Using a fluoride-based liquid, you will be required to rinse your mouth to get rid of scattered remains from your mouth.

Fluoride Treatment

This is the last step of the cleaning process. Fluoride treatment is used to protect your mouth from periodontal diseases for several months. You will get to choose the flavor you like best before the procedure. Your dentist will then place a sticky paste, or a foamy gel on your mouth then left inside your mouth for about a minute. Using a toothbrush, a fluoride varnish is then applied on your teeth, which then hardens when it comes in contact with your saliva. It is safe for you to eat or drink after the treatment.


During the appointment, stains are removed, making your smile brighter.

Dental cleaning and examination can help you avoid and prevent other diseases that are linked with periodontal diseases such as cardiovascular diseases.

You can prevent cavities and gum diseases.

Our dentist at Pompano Beach, FL, can detect any serious dental problems during check-ups and help you deal with them early.